• 11:48PM 12/30/14
    Every parent wants their child to be successful. But what exactly defines success? Is it getting into Harvard and making lots of money? Or is it living a Gospel-inspired life that prepares a path to Heaven? If you’re a mom, dad or even grandparent who believes that true success is rooted in obedience to the word of God, then consider enrolling your children in Regina Luminis Academy – a K through 12 private school whose Catholic classical curriculum helps today’s students grow both spiritually and scholastically. To learn more about Regina Luminis Academy located in nearby Downingtown, visit ReginaLuminisAcademy.org.
  • 1:53PM 12/29/14
    In a recent statement reacting to Barack Obama’s decision to bypass Congress and unilaterally frant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, Archbishop Charles Chaput of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia remarked that “President Obama has done the right thing.” A point-of-view that stems from the argument that Mr. Obama’s imperial action “prevents the break-up of families.” Which may sound merciful, but the Archbishop completely forgoes any mention that the White House’s action was unconstitutional and encourages more border-hopping behavior that leaves countless law-abiding families vulnerable to increased levels of crime, disease and terrorism. Leaving some to believe that President Obama has done the wrong thing.
  • 1:10PM 12/26/14
    The recent release of four more suspected terrorists from US military custody is further evidence that President Barack Obama isn’t at war with radical Muslims who want to kill Americans, but Americans themselves. Of course, this comes as no surprise considering Mr. Obama’s true battle plan was revealed on the campaign trail back in 2008 when announcing the goal of ‘fundamentally transforming America.’ That’s right. From the beginning, those words, along with slogan ‘Hope and Change’, were fighting words. Yet, six years later, America has twice-elected a Commander-in-Chief whose premise of war consists of building up the IRS and tearing down Guantanamo Bay.
  • 12:34PM 12/24/14
    In between Christmas shopping for Michelle and cutting deals with the communist Castro Brothers, President Barack Obama recently signed a bill that renames Philadelphia’s VA hospital for Michael Crescenz – a Philly native who in 1968 gave his life at the age of just 19 to save countless Americans on the Vietnam battlefield. Yet, truth be told, back here at home, buildings and landmarks are more often dedicated to political insiders than fallen war heroes. Aswas the case earlier this year when Philadelphia’s historic 30th Street Train Station was renamed for Congressman Bill Gray – who may have been a nice guy, but certainly didn’t charge any North Vietnamese machine-gun bunkers.
  • 1:27PM 12/23/14
    It’s no secret that over the span of two-thousand years the observance of the birth of Christ has morphed into a celebration of secularism decorated by the faithless expressions, ‘Happy Holidays’ and ‘Season’s Greetings.’ But instead of pointing fingers and casting stones at the Godless and agnostic among us, we can help reverse this multi-millennial trend through a combination of reflection, prayer and free speech. That’s right. In America, faithful and devout Christians don’t just have a moral obligation, but a constitutional right to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.