• 5:32PM 4/24/14
    In 1972, Carly Simon released the hit single“You’re So Vain.” And, here in 2014, this song is indeed ‘about you’ if you’re a Pennsylvania driver who wants a personalized license plate. Because on July 1st the cost of what’s known as a vanity tag will jump from $20 to $76 – that’s nearly a 300% increase! Sadly, this vanity tag price tag gouging was orchestrated by a Republican Governor whose reelection strategy seems to be searching in ‘vain’ for Democrat votes by raising taxes, fees and fines on Keystone State motorists.
  • 9:53AM 4/22/14
    In Pennsylvania, Republican Governor candidate Bob Guzzardi’s recent court victory over the GOP establishment sent shockwaves across the state. Most were expecting Mr. Guzzardi to get steamrolled by a litany of petition challenges and thus disqualified from the May ballot, thereby ensuring an uncontested primary for the incumbent Republican governor. Inshort, Bob Guzzardi’s triumph brings to mind a famous scene from the movie Hoosiers in which the underdog Hickory High basketball team recited Biblical scripture before facing a much favored opponent in the state championship game.
  • 9:30AM 4/21/14
    If you’re a conservative who enjoys talk radio, you’ve likely heard of Obamacare. And you’ve likely heard of Hobby Lobby. But you’ve likely never heard of The Becket Fund. In short, The Becket Fund is a non-profit law firm that helped retail chain Hobby Lobby argue its case before the SupremeCourt that the Obamacare contraception mandate violates the religious freedom of pro-life Christian business owners. However, right now The Becket Fund needs your help. And the chance to do so is on Thursday, May 15th, when The Beckett Fund holds its annual fundraising dinner in New York City. Forinformation and tickets, visit BecketFund.org.
  • 1:52PM 4/18/14
    According to the United States Department of Transportation, just 51% of today’s teens have a driver’s license compared to 72% in 1983. Which isn’t surprising considering that American public schools have spent decades (and trillions of dollars) convincing students that cars and trucks cause global warming. But at the same time, it’s a testament to the resilience oftoday’s young people that half of them actually do drive. Because by now one could easily assume that the Democrat party’s longtime monopoly on education would have led to every kid either pedaling a bicycle or riding shotgun in the carpool lane.
  • 1:58PM 4/17/14
    In the minds of millions, Hillary Clinton’s now infamous “What difference does it make” comment regarding the death of four Americans at the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya confirmed her image as a heartless (you know what). But that may have changed recently when the former First Lady and Secretary of State had to dodge a shoe that as thrown her way by an angry citizen during a speech in Las Vegas. Well, from a compassion standpoint she still doesn’t have a heart, but you could say that someone tried their darnedest to give Mrs. Clinton a ‘sole.’