• 11:35AM 10/31/14
    Attempting to exhibit strength on the world stage, the Obama administration recently rejected North Korea’s request for an apology in exchange for two American hostages. But, let’s not forget that just a few months ago the same Obama administration accepted the Taliban’s request of releasing five jihadist murders in exchange for one American deserter. Listen, once you’ve set the precedent of freeing multiple Islamic terrorists, don’t pretend that denying a single verbal apology (sincere or not) somehow earns you the title of shrewd negotiator. But then again, can you blame Neville Chamberlain for dressing up as Dirty Harry for Halloween?
  • 1:33PM 10/30/14
    It’s debatable if time in jail should be a painful experience, but it sure as heck shouldn’t be a ‘pleasurable’ one. But apparently that’s what a convicted murderer in Connecticut thinks he deserves after filing a lawsuit challenging a ban on prison pornography. You heard right. This cold-blooded monster seems less concerned in saving his soul with reflection and repentance than the feeding his flesh with lust and arousal. But regardless of what happens, at least the prosecuting attorney made sure that this evil creep didn’t get off in the courtroom.
  • 11:33AM 10/29/14
    To help clean-up its business district, the town of Gloucester City, New Jersey recently imposed an outdoor smoking ban. A rule aimed at reducing the number of cigarette butts that smokers too often flick to the ground, instead of disposing in a trash can or ash tray. Which begs the question: why prohibit outside smoking to address an issue that littering laws are supposed to fix? Sadly, this is the problem with government at every level in today’s America. Instead of enforcing existing laws, over-zealous over-reaching bureaucrats are more inclined to create new laws that extinguish our freedoms.
  • 2:37PM 10/28/14
    So, let’s get this straight, Terri Schiavo was a peaceful woman who never committed a single crime, and yet she was forcibly starved by the American court system. Meanwhile, when the most heinous Muslim jidahists on Earth embark on a hunger strike of their own volition while imprisoned at Guantanamo Baythe American government demands they be forcibly fed. If this scenario makes you lose your appetite, then start supporting and voting for public servants that aren’t just tough on terrorism, but who will nominate and appoint judges that value the dignity of innocent human life.
  • 2:36PM 10/27/14
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