• 5:16PM 10/21/14
    October 16th was National Bosses Day. And one boss who stands above the rest is Diane Cardano of Cardano Realtors. And reasons are simple: Diane uniquely blends the virtues of integrity, generosity and humility. That’s right. Diane sets a good example, by leading by example. Yet, when it comes to selling houses, Diane’s clients are the boss. So much so that if Diane’s team of home-selling experts doesn’t sell your home in 26 days or less you can tear up the contract. Why? Because you’re the boss.To learn more about Diane Cardano’s guaranteed home sale program, just call 215.576.8666.
  • 5:15PM 10/20/14
    In Colorado, a transgender male student was recently crowned high school homecoming queen. That’s right. A biological boy won a contest that’s supposed to honor a biological girl. But the victorious transgender student isn’t the real issue here. No, the real issue is that the student body has been so perverted by the liberal news media and secular public education system that they found it reasonable and normal to elect a boy the queen. In truth, gender is not a human choice, but rather a gift from God. And as such, masculinity and femininity must be embraced, not erased.
  • 11:05AM 10/17/14
    Although it sounds like a joke, it should come as no surprise that the South American country of Venezuela is experiencing a shortage of breast implants. Because as is the case with most places where a socialist dictator and his posse of authoritarian thugs operate and control the nation’s means of production, economic supply rarely ends up meeting market demand. So, whether it’s food, medicine or fake breasts, product and service scarcity (which leads to Soviet-style government rationing) is often the tell tale sign of a population overrun by a bunch of big boobs.
  • 11:05AM 10/16/14
    According the Holy Bible’s Book of Lamentations, “the Lord is good to those who hope in Him, to the soul that seeks Him.” And, today, in much the same spirit, it could be said that Regina Angelorum Academy is good to those who enroll in her, to the family that trusts her. And that trust extends beyond the classroom. Case in point, this Saturday, October 18th Regina Angelorum is hosting a special live concert event in nearby Ardmore featuring Christian pop-star Marie Miller and hit band L’Angelus. For tickets to this family-friendly extravaganza, just call 610.649.1730.
  • 11:40AM 10/15/14
    In our increasingly Godless culture, Catholic business leaders don’t just have an economic obligation to be fiscally responsible, but a moral obligation to be faithfully responsible. Today’s entrepreneurs must do more than just pitch their products; they must promote their piety by reminding consumers that they do God’s work by serving the needs of others.So, if you’re a Catholic business leader who understands the value of collaborating with those of like-mind and like-spirit, the Catholic Business Network of Greater Philadelphia and its upcoming Fall Ball is a resource waiting to serve you. For information call Barry at 610.368.0639.