• 5:32PM 8/27/14
    In Tennessee, a senior at Dyer County High School was recently suspended for saying‘God Bless You’ after a fellow student sneezed. Apparently, that term was on a list of banned phrases in the classroom and a breach of the rules could not be tolerated. However, in Pennsylvania, no such punishment will ever be issued at the Regina Academies, because God is welcomed in every classroom. And God isn’t just some guest, He’s the lead instructor whose grace and wisdom are embraced as eternal truth. So, if you’re looking for a school the blends spirituality and scholarship, visit WhyRegina.com. That’s W-H-Y Regina dot com.
  • 2:00PM 8/26/14
    Back to school season is a great time to remind moms and dads that the learning process never ends. That’s right. You may have finished high school, received your college diploma or even earned a post-graduate degree, but in the classroom of life you’re forever a student. Because, in countless subjects, education is an eternal pursuit. And in the field of real estate, there’s no better teacher with real world experience than Diane Cardano. So, if you have questions about buying or selling a home, instead of raising your hand, just pick up the phone and call Diane Cardano at 215.576.8666. That’s 215.576.8666.
  • 4:41PM 8/25/14
    In 1980, television sportscaster Al Michaels called the US’s shocking ice hockey victory over the Soviets at the Winter Olympics. And 34 years later, millions of Americans still believe in miracles. Not just metaphorically, but spiritually and physically. If you too believe in miracles through the majesty of a higher power, then consider attending theSt. Charles Seminary Gala this October to help raise funds so that God’s seminarian foot soldiers can help make miracles as ordained Catholic priests. To learn more about the St. Charles Seminary Gala, contact Gina at 215.587.5650.
  • 11:22AM 8/22/14
    In Pennsylvania, state representative Bob Godshall is chairman of the House Consumer Affairs Committee. Yet, in what appears to be a breach of duty to protect Pennsylvania consumers, Mr. Godshall is refusing to let a series of bills go to vote that would allow home and business owners to opt out of smart meter programs. And maybe that’s because Bob Godshall’s son just so happens to manage the smart meter program for Pennsylvania’s largest utility – which, get this, stands to reap a nine-figure windfall in federal subsidies based on its volume of smart meter installations. In the meantime, expect Bob Godshall to continueplaying dumb
  • 1:51PM 8/20/14
    According to recent tabloid media reports, the world’s richest man is vacationing this summer on one of the world’s most expensive yachts reportedly valued at over $300 million. But regardless if Mr. Gates is boating, flying or even driving, hopefully his time away means less time pushing and promoting the Common Core curriculum. That’s right. Bill Gates’ expertise is software engineering, not social engineering. So, if you’re a parent who’d like to see Common Core and its litany of federal education mandates go on a permanent vacation, learn about the Regina Academies by visiting WhyRegina.com. That’s W-H-Y Regina dot com.