• 1:51PM 8/20/14
    According to recent tabloid media reports, the world’s richest man is vacationing this summer on one of the world’s most expensive yachts reportedly valued at over $300 million. But regardless if Mr. Gates is boating, flying or even driving, hopefully his time away means less time pushing and promoting the Common Core curriculum. That’s right. Bill Gates’ expertise is software engineering, not social engineering. So, if you’re a parent who’d like to see Common Core and its litany of federal education mandates go on a permanent vacation, learn about the Regina Academies by visiting WhyRegina.com. That’s W-H-Y Regina dot com.
  • 9:15AM 8/19/14
    In 1987, Buster Poindexter released his hit single,“Hot, Hot, Hot.” And today it’s not just hot because it’s summertime, it’s hot because Cardano Realtors is on fire. That’s right. Diane Cardano is burning up the residential real estate market and leaving a trail of satisfied clients. So, if you’re an empty nester looking to downsize or a growing family looking to upsize, Diane Cardano can help finds a qualified buyer willing to pay list price or higher for your home in just 26 days or less. Don’t get cold feet, call Diane today at 215.576.8666.
  • 8:16PM 8/18/14
    In 1964, The Dixie Cups released the hit single“Chapel of Love.” And today, despite the growing trend of cohabitation, many are still ‘going the chapel’ to get married… and often by a priest. But for Catholics, priests don’t just appear at the altar. They must first be groomed at a seminary. And this coming October, the St. Charles Seminary Gala will help ensure that seminarians have the resources and facilities to become priests who can perform the sacrament of Holy Matrimony. To learn more about the St. Charles Seminary Gala, contact Gina at 215.587.5650.
  • 6:27PM 8/14/14
    A top-notch real estate agent does more than help clients buy and sell homes. They specialize in providing shelter. Which is precisely the reason why the cliché “food, clothing and shelter” has profound meaning, because each item represents a basic human need. And as such, its Diane Cardano’s humanity that set her apart. Because Diane’s instincts and intuition for serving others far transcend simply closing a deal and collecting a commission.So, if you’re looking to buy or sell a home, go with the one who cares, call Diane Cardano of Cardano Realtors at 215.576.8666. That’s 215.576.8666.
  • 5:28PM 8/13/14
    According to the Gospel of John, Christ gathered together into one the scattered children of God. And in much the same spirit, the Regina Academies are gathering together into one the scattered children of greater Philadelphia stuck in Godless, secular schools. So, if you’re a parent searching for an educational setting that blends scholarship and spirituality, then consider the Regina Academies. With campuses in Abington, Ardmore, Downingtown and Ottsville, Bucks County, the Regina Academies offer a classical Catholic curriculum that forms both the mind and thesoul. To learn more, visit WhyRegina.com. That’s W-H-Y Regina dot com.