• 7:00PM 12/19/14
    In 1985, actor Harry Belafonte gathered the biggest names in music to sing“We Are the World” to help fight famine in Africa. And, nearly thirty years later, in 2014, actor Samuel L. Jackson is calling on the biggest names in both music and film to sing “I Can’t Breathe” to help fight police brutality in America. Of course, the difference between these two endeavors, other than three decades of time, is that the former sought to alleviate an epidemic. Whereas the latter seeks to perpetuate the illusion of an epidemic – which, ironically, will only empower America’s race merchants to suffocate us with more exaggerations.
  • 7:52PM 12/18/14
    Back in 2009, conservative talk radio show host Michael Savage was banned from Great Britain for“fostering hatred which might lead to inter-community violence\\\\\\\". Such a restriction, no doubt, resulted from the still widespread feeling among Western liberals that Americans who believe in limited government, low taxes and societal assimilation are ‘bigots’ and ‘extremists.’ However,the tide may be turning in Europe, because in Germany there’s a growing push for foreign-speaking immigrants to adopt the native tongue. So while Michael Savage’s mantra of “borders, language, culture” has been scoffed at by some, it appears that others are finally waking up to the dangersof multiculturalism.
  • 5:18PM 12/17/14
    As we prepare to mark the birth of Christ, remember that every baby deserves to be treated like Baby Jesus. Now, that doesn’t mean children should be worshipped as divine. But it does mean that the unborn are worthy of being brought to term and raised by a loving mother and father, biological or not. If you too believe every child is a gift from God that must be nurtured and loved, then consider celebrating the holiday season with those of like-mind and like-spirit at the Pro-Life Educational Foundation’s 2014 Christmas Party. For more information, visit GoProLife.org or call Mike at 215.393.3610.
  • 5:15PM 12/16/14
    In the state of Maine, a transgender high school student was recently awarded $75,000for suffering the indignity of being told to use a staff bathroom. How exactly that qualifies as discriminatory isn’t quite clear considering access to the faculty restroom should be considered a special accommodation. Think about it. The teacher lounges and lavatories tend to be spacious, private environments that have doors on the stalls and soap in the dispensers. Heck, you can probably even smoke a cigarette without consequence. Which goes to prove this biological male student is turning their identity crisis into a lottery ticket…making them more ‘transactional’ than anything else.
  • 3:53PM 12/15/14
    “As America goes, so goes the world” - and a harsh example of this prophetic expression, and title of the 1920 Christian hymnal by Palmer Hartsough, was a recent school shooting in Estonia. Of course, Estonia is no stranger to evil having spent decades under Soviet rule, but it’s hard to ignore that this tragic event occurred in a day and age when America has endured a rash of school violence. In short, when our nation was a God-fearing nation it exported American values, but now that the US is becoming a secular nation it seems to be exporting American vitriol.