• 1:52PM 4/18/14
    According to the United States Department of Transportation, just 51% of today’s teens have a driver’s license compared to 72% in 1983. Which isn’t surprising considering that American public schools have spent decades (and trillions of dollars) convincing students that cars and trucks cause global warming. But at the same time, it’s a testament to the resilience oftoday’s young people that half of them actually do drive. Because by now one could easily assume that the Democrat party’s longtime monopoly on education would have led to every kid either pedaling a bicycle or riding shotgun in the carpool lane.
  • 1:58PM 4/17/14
    In the minds of millions, Hillary Clinton’s now infamous “What difference does it make” comment regarding the death of four Americans at the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya confirmed her image as a heartless (you know what). But that may have changed recently when the former First Lady and Secretary of State had to dodge a shoe that as thrown her way by an angry citizen during a speech in Las Vegas. Well, from a compassion standpoint she still doesn’t have a heart, but you could say that someone tried their darnedest to give Mrs. Clinton a ‘sole.’
  • 12:40PM 4/16/14
    In 1969, Creedence Clearwater Revival released the hit single“Born on the Bayou.” And there’s little doubt that here in 2014 many of those who were born ‘again’ on the Bayou would happily welcome what may soon be Louisiana legislation that makes the Holy Bible the official book of the Pelican state. Because, as mankind has learned time and time again, there’s never a story book ending in any society or culture that ignores the word of God.
  • 5:10PM 4/15/14
    In response to Jeb Bush’s recent comment that illegal immigration is often “an act of love”, music legend Tina Turner has a question for the former Florida governor and 2016 presidential prospect, “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” And she’s exactly right. What does love have to do with sneaking across the border and hiding in the shadows? While it’s certainly true that America offers opportunity and safety for those desperate to leave their homeland, entrance into this great nation requires following the rule of law. In short, illegal immigration is act of wrongdoing, not love.
  • 3:00PM 4/14/14
    Former Florida governor and 2016 presidential prospect Jeb Bush recently left millions of Americans scratching their heads when he said that illegal immigration is often“an act love.” And rightfully so. People should be confused and perplexed by such RINO rhetoric. In fact, to help provide some prospective on this assertion, Governor Bush’s remark is frankly no different than making the claim that giving your fiancé a stolen ring is an act of love. Whentruth be told, it’s a deliberate act of thievery and criminality.