• 8:30PM 6/26/15
    If you’re a Christian conservative unnerved by today’s secular trending culture, rather than spend time being ‘teed off’, why not ‘tee off for life.’ That’s right. If you’re a golfer who believes in traditional family values, join Generation Life on June 29th at Stonewall Golf Club in Chester County for a day on the links. As we mean ‘a day on the links’, because you can play up to 100 holes of golf with the proceeds helping to spread the pro-life message to thousands of young people across greater Philadelphia. To learn more about Generation Life’s June 29th Golf Marathon, call 610.558.1026 or visit GoProLife.org.
  • 4:02PM 6/25/15
    If former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal deserved to endure career ending criticism for pretending to‘look’ black. Then why has presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gotten off scot free for pretending to ‘sound’ black (like she did, most notably, in 2007 during a campaign speech in Selma, Alabama)? Think about it. Both women masqueraded as minorities for self gain, yet only one has beenwidely condemned by the mainstream media and the Democrat Party - two groups that, ironically enough, pride themselves on fighting the injustice of double-standards.